Final Assault was one of the first metal bands to emerge from the Corpus Christi, Texas area.  This 1985 demo made the rounds of the 1980's tape trading circuit and instantly became a cult classic both in the U.S. and abroad.  Guitarist David Burk would leave soon after the recording of this demo and join the newly formed Devastation with former Final Assault band manager Rodney Dunsmore.  In 1987 the band signed a deal with the legendary and enigmatic Azra / Iron Works record label and a very limited shaped picture disc was released containing tracks 1 and 3 from this demo.


First Warning Demo - 1985

1.  Final Assault

2.  Assassins Plague

3.  Messenger Of God

4.  End Of Time





Cover of 1985 demo



An aborted 1987 attempt to relocate the band to California while signed to Azra / Iron Works Records nearly signaled the end for Final Assault.  Vocalist Alex Robles, upon his return to Texas, discovered that only guitarist Ruben Vela had the desire to continue.  With the recruitment of Ruben's brother David Vela on drums and Alex Beltron on bass a new version of Final Assault was assembled and a second demo entitled The Second Coming was recorded.  This lineup was to be very short-lived with only a handful of shows ever performed.  The 1988 Final Assault demo is exceedingly rare even compared to the 1985 demo with no widespread distribution and only a few copies handed out to friends and local Corpus Christi fans.


The Second Coming Demo - 1988

1.  Sea Of Never More

2.  Chemical Sin

3.  Wasteland

4.  Catastrophic Horrors

5.  Terrorist

6.  M. G. III




Cover of 1988 demo


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