Necrovore is a band that has attained near mythological status in the Metal world. They have been credited with influencing everything from American Death Metal to the most extreme Norwegian Black Metal. Some would even give them credit for inventing the entire genre of 'Kult' Extreme Metal as it has become known today. Florida's Morbid Angel and Norway's Mayhem (both of whom openly claim Necrovore as an influence) are but two examples of bands whose sound can be traced directly back to this Texas foursome.

Formed in 1986, Necrovore consisted of Jon DePlachett (Vocals), Bjorn Haga (Guitar), Ross Stone (Bass), and Scott Staffney (Drums). DePlachett, fresh out of Austin band Matrix, formed Necrovore with one singular goal in mind: to be the harshest, fastest, and most evil band on the planet. At that, he succeeded. Swirling drum rhythms, rapid-fire chromatic guitar riffs, and feral screams all added to the primal mix that was Necrovore's music. In its short existence, the band recorded one demo and played only a handful of shows. That demo, clips of which can be found in our Audio section, is a primitive sounding four track garage recording that shows Necrovore in its most raw and primordial form. It has long been rumored in underground circles that a much cleaner sounding studio version of this demo was recorded and subsequently suppressed by the band. Reportedly they were unhappy with its production and preferred the raw, chaotic sound of the garage tape. (This information has recently been confirmed by the band.  See our Necrovore interview for more details.) The only evidence of this cleaner, studio-tracked demo comes from the New Renaissance Records compilation 'Satan's Revenge Part II'. This rare LP contains the song 'Slaughtered Remains' and it is indeed a much cleaner sounding version than is present on the widely traded demo.

Rumors of a Necrovore reunion have run rampant since at least 1990. As of yet, none have become reality. There is, however, some activity on the Necrovore front. Bjorn Haga was, until recently, the bass player for San Antonio based Black Metal warriors Thornspawn, self professed devotees of Necrovore's 'Kult' sound. Also, the internet domain was registered in 2001 by Necrovore, Inc. based out of New Braunfels, Texas. To date, no website has been published at that location.

Photos of the band are virtually non-existent.  Recently we were provided some incredible live shots of the band by long-time underground Texas metal supporter Laurent Remadier.  Check out our exclusive Necrovore photo gallery here.


A  rare original copy of the legendary 1987 demo